You intend to make investments in real estate in Germany? You have already found your good bargain, but it would be helpful for you to feel safe whether

- you have obtained all essential documents about the property?
- you have understood everything?
- you have been familiarized a bit with German property law?
- it is really a good deal for you, even with amazing figures you have been supplied with?
- it would be better to have everything checked by a third neutral partner?

We check all documents required for the respective property. In case of missing documentation we ask you to get them from the seller and/or your estate agent in order to get a good picture of the bargain and inform you on our result.

The impetus for our offer is the overwhelming crowd of people looking for property investment in Germany and to provide clarity and transparency prior to conclusion of contract, a MUST in the real estate realm.

We advise you on all sales matters and check the draft contract of sale in respect of your interests.

Consulting work will be charged according to expenditure.

You already bought property and need consultancy or will resell it?

Together with you, we will find a solution tailored to you or will resell your property at the best price possible on the market.

Commission fee according to the prevailing market conditions.

We stand for competence, reliability and discretion